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Thinking about sponsoring an ad on a HPU product? Smart Choice!

Every product that HPU produces is highly targeted and hand-distributed. When you
sponsor an ad on one of our products it will be seen by thousands of interested consumers
which mean results for you. If you can imagine hiring someone to stand in front of one of
our hotels, motels or chamber of commerce clients and hand out your personal business
cards all day long. That is what you get by sponsoring an ad on our products. Your ad is
hand-delivered! We do it for a fraction of the cost to hire someone to do it for you andÖ we
have their permission to hand them out!

Here is an example of how cost effective your ad would be:

Let say you spent $365 for the year to sponsor an ad on one of our hotel/motel room
locator maps. The hotel has just 100 rooms and runs a 75% occupancy rate year round.
That means 23,375 room locator maps would be handed out for the year.

Letís say you are a pizza place and your average large pizza cost $12. How many people
would have to respond to your ad for your ad to be cost effective? $365 divided by $12 is
30.4. So, for your ad to break even you would only need 2.5 pizza sales per month from the
hotel. Anything over that is profit. The hotel will be handing out 75 of your coupons per day
or 1948 per month. Do you get the picture? The 2.5 needed to break even is less than one
tenth of one percent (.001). Your chance of being profitable is very high!

We offer the most cost effective advertising you will do all year for less than a cup of coffee
a day and we donít mean a Starbucks Latte! Anyone can afford to sponsor an ad with HPU!

Just click on one of the categories below and see what properties are available in your
community to advertise on.  Itís fun and very profitable!